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Scale Components

Scale Components

Electronic scales consist of sensors, connection box and an indicator, thus to be able to manufacture and repair scales, we have a large selection of scale electronic components within our shop.

Sensor is an electronic device that measures pressure on it and changes its resistance accordingly. The sensors can be of all shapes - paralelogram, barrel-like, 'S' type. Sensors can differ depending on the signal type - analog and digital. Analog sensors, depending on the pressure change the analog signal that they emit. The digital sensor is simmilar, but in addition they also have a built-in processor that converts the signal into a digital one. Depending on the type of sensor the connection boxes and indicators can also differ.  Sensors are chosen based on their intended space of use, type, lifting ability and moisture resistance. "Svaru Veikals" will help you choose the most fiting sensors for your projects, so that they would ensure the best quality. If the scales have multiple sensors, they are connected within a special connection box.

The connection box for analog scale sensors is with potenciometers for a more precise regulation of the sensors after their setup. The scale sensor connection boxes differ in their material - plastic, aluminum and stainless steel boxes. The connection boxes can also differ depending on the ammount of connection slots. Some manufacturers also include a resistance against overload.

A very important component is a scale system is the scale indicator. The scale indicators have a lot of paramerts that should be taken into acoount when choosing one. For digital indicators one must pay attention so that the sensors and the indicator would be manufactured by the same company. The analog indicators can be used together with analog sensors of different manufacturers. When choosing an indicator, no matter which type, it is important to know how many sensors will you want to connect to it. The shell of the indicator can be from plastic, aluminum or stainless steel - this sould be selected depending upon the intended working eniviorment. The indicators can be single or multiple diapason, the latter meaning that the readout value in the scales changes after a certain weight.

Indicators can posess different types of exits. The most popular one is RS 232, but there are also indicators that are available with RS 485, analog mV and mA, ethernet, ModBus, and relay exits. If you wish to attach your scales to an automatization system, it's important to pay attention to the command signal exits and entrances of the indicator. Our specialists will help you find the most fitting parts and will find the best solution amongst many manufacturers.