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Stationary axle scales

Stationary axle scales
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Stationary axis scales are used in places where the flow of transport is small. This is because the weighing time is longer than on regular platform scales. Each axis of the car is driven onto the static scales individually, and the total sum of the axis weight is also the total weight of the car. These scales are not meant for weighing of liquid loads. The axis scales are built on the ground level, on an even spot that is in the car length before and after the scales. The main advantage of the stationary axis scales is that their price is lower than a full platform truck scale, but they are also more durable and percise than moblie axis scales.

A special computer program has been developed for these scales, which ensures easy and comfortable work. Depending on the planned workload, platforms can be fitted with different load cells and indicators. The color of the platform can also be changed.

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