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Software for Scales

Our company offers all kinds of computer programs the basis of which is the automation of the weighing process. Computer programs ensure the logging of the measurements. When archived, the data can be filtered by date, type of product, senders and warehouses. The programs let you also connect to peripheric devices and recognition of product with RFID chips, card scanners and barcode scanners. The scale program ensures weighing act, cheque and thermic label prinding according to the needs of the operator. The programs are adapted invividually to the needs of each customer. The programs can be attached to any indicator with an RS232, RS485 or an ethernet port. In addition, traffic lights and raisable barriers can also be added to the program. The scale programs ensure a precise feedback and an easy weighing proceedure for companies. It is possible to photograph and archive the pictures of the weighing moment with security cameras. Lately the most requested programs are the ones which work as internet applications and can be accessed from any place as long as the password is known. The programs can be installed on regular computers, as well as microcomputers such as Raspberry pi.