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Scale Repair

BK Systems performs professional repair and service of electronic scales. Our service workers have enriched their knowledge in the company "Precia Molen" in the Netherlands and "Laumas Elettronika" in Italy. In cooperation with Vent Met laboratories, we also offer meterological services for scale s- verification and calibration. We have contracts with many scale manufacturers that guarantees constant service and ensures the working capacity of their scales. If it is not possible to perform a repair within a short period of time, we also offer to rent out scales for the time of the repair.

The repair of electronic scales consists of damage diagnostics and the repair of the damage. Usually it is the process of diagnostics that takes up most of the time. At the most basic level, the electronic scales are made up out of a sensor which detects the mechanical pressure and converts it into a signal. Usually through wiring, they are connected to a processor which converts the signal into a digital one and displays it in a readable form.

Scale repairs are made in our shop at  –  Ūnijas iela 6, Rīga. Of course, both the industrial scales and truck scales are repaired and maintained in the place where they have been built or set up. For these scales we also perform cleaning and washing with a high pressure washer, repair of the metalic parts and the manufacturing of new metal parts if it is neccessary.

We offer application of anti-corrosion paint for truck scale platforms and their painting. Our company performs sensor change, set up of extra details. We also have computer programs on offer which lets the scales work with or without an opperator.

Phone number for our service - 29128884