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Additional displays

Displays are used to display additional information outside the weight indicator. For example, to show the weight of the truck to the driver of the vehicle when weighing on the vehicle weight. A special program is required to program and operate additional displays either manually or automatically.

Dimensions 800x190x40mmPower supply (12v or 24v) - Eur 30.00LAN module - Eur 30.00Digits in other color (green, blue) + 15%IP67, 220v, 12V, 24V.Working temperature  from -40C to +70CAutomatic brightness adjustmentManagement capabilities- RS232, RS485, RS4..
Ex Tax:413.22€
Dimensions 400x150x40mmPower supply (12v or 24v) - Eur 30.00LAN module- Eur 30.00 IP67, 220v, 12V, 24V.Working temperature no -40C līdz +70CAutomatic brightness adjustmentManagement capabilities - RS232, RS485, RS422, CL Programmable to work with different manufact..
Ex Tax:330.58€
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