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Scale and Weight Rentals

Our company offers scales and weights for rent. It is a possible solution if a scale is not required regurarly, but perhaps only once every few months. This can be the case if for example, you require scales for weighing packaging for the nature resource tax. Verified scales can be rather expensive, but renting them will be a lot cheaper.

The rental of beam scales is very popular. They are very mobile and can be easily carried or moved inside a car. It is also possible to rent 20kg weights up to an ammount that equals 4 tonnes. This can be useful, for example to check different lifting equipment. You can find out more about other rental options by calling, or by writing to

Brand: KERN
Personal floor scale MPDProfessional Step-on personal floor scale with EC type approval and approval for medical useVerification class III (Verification is optional)Approval for medical use according to 93/42/EEC The bestseller for doctor’s surgeries, chemists and hospitals: easy to u..
Ex Tax:10.00€
M3 class 20 kg weights, we can rent 200 pieces...
Ex Tax:4.00€
Axle car scales are suitable for weighing various car vehicles. We can rent these scales for a short time with the operator serving it, as well as for a long time.The scales have a built-in receipt printer - in the receipt you can see both the weight of the individual axles and the total weight of t..
Ex Tax:30.00€
Place the electronic scale on a flat, stable surface.Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.Do not expose the electronic trade balance to electromagnetic radiation.Before use, align the balance by adjusting the scales with your feet until the bubble is in the middle.After turning on, allow the balan..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Brand: BK systems
Portable Weighing Beams Platform Scale Cattle Weighing Scale Weigh Beam Bar ..
Ex Tax:20.00€
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