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Platform Scales

Platform scales are used for weighing a multitude of large objects. The electronic platform scales consist of a metal platform, that can be rectangular, U shaped or beam shaped, as well as electronics like an indicator and sensors.

Use - as a pallet scale, as a weighing system for cattle scales, as a universal, easily movable mobile scales. The scale can be easily transported in the trunk of a car. It can be equipped with various indicators. If the scales are to be used in an aggressive environment, it is better to choose stai..
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Floor scale BIC
1-2 weeks
Brand: KERN
High resolution floor scale with 2×3000 [d] and the best price to performance ratioSingle product brochure             Operating instructions  ModelWeighingcapacity[Max]kgRead-ability[d]kgWeighingplatemmListprice EURexcl.of VATPrice EURincl. VATBIC 600K-1S300 ..
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Floor scale BID Floor scale BID
1-2 weeks
Brand: KERN
Operating instructions              Installation manual - platform            Single product brochure              ModelWeighingrange[Max]kgRead-out[d]kgMinimumload[Min]kgNetweightappro..
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Brand: KERN
Platform scale with stainless steel display device with IP68 rating, XL display und EC type approval [M] – now also as high resolution version with high-resolution display       Installation manual - platform    Usage- & Installation manual    Si..
Ex Tax:472.73€
Brand: KERN
Operating instructionsSingle product brochureModelWeighingrange[Max]kgReadout[d]gNetweightapprox.kgPriceincl. VATListpriceexcl.of VATUIB 600K-160020051€836.00€690.91UIB 1.5T-4150050051€836.00€690.91UIB 3T-33000100051€836.00€690.91..
Ex Tax:690.00€
Platform scale IFB Platform scale IFB
1-2 weeks
Brand: KERN
Version with EC type approval [M], now also up to [Max] 600 kgModelWeighingcapacity[Max]kgReadability[d]gVerific.value[e]gMinimumload[Min]gMin. pieceweight(Normal)g/pieceWeighingplateW×D×HmmListpriceexcl.of VATPriceincl. VATPriceVerification incl. VATIFB 6K-3SM3 | 61 | 21 | 220 | 402230×230×110€318,..
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Brand: KERN
Allround platform scale with a wide range of communication options and EC type approval [M]Single product brochure      Operating instructions    Supplementary instructions     Dimensional drawingModelWeighingcapacity[Max]kgRead-ability[d]gVerific.v..
Ex Tax:290.91€
Platform scales, Size 1200x1500 mm. Lifting capacity 3000t / 1kg: 1500kg / 0.5 kg. 600kg / 200grIn addition, it is possible to purchase a climbing ramp or a frame for installing the scales at ground level.Size 1200x1500 mm suitable for weighing pallets for scales built into the ground.Can be complet..
Ex Tax:338.84€
Brand: KERN
TypeVersionLanguagesOperating instructionsSingle product brochureHigh mobility: thanks to battery operation (optional) and compact, flat construction, it is suitable for use in several locations (laboratory, quality control, commissioning etc.)Platform: Weighing plate stainless steel, painted steel ..
Ex Tax:241.17€
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