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Medical Scales

Medical scales are intended for use by professionals in healthcare establishments - clinics, hospitals and private practices. The scales can differ depending on their intended use. There are table scales for weighing infants as well as floor scales for weighing adults. Some of the models are equiped with an adjustable stock that lets the indicator to be moved, thus making the reading of results easier. There are also medical scales that are equipped with the neccessary features to measure the height of a person. Some scales are specificaly built for weighing people that are laying down, or are in a wheelchair.

When purchasing a medical scale, one has to make sure that the scales have been verfiied both as a measurement, as well as a medical instrument. The scales must feature a CE marking, with a four digit insutitution code and two extra digits that indicate when the year when the marking was applied. In addition there must also be a green 'M' marking, that indicates that the scale has received a declaration of conformity.

We offer medical scales from two European companies, the German company "KERN" and a Polish company "Radwag". The scales of these companies fit all of the EU requirements for medical scales. You can receive them at our office in Unijas street 6, or they can be shipped to you via a courier. We can also provide an instruction on the proper use of the scales.

Brand: Radwag
 Technical paramatresMax weight: 6/15kgReadout: 20/50gScale size: 431mm x 319mm x 92mmPlatform size: 289mm x 319mmPower supply: 100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 ÷ 60 Hz / 12 V DC un 6×AA NiMH battery..
Ex Tax:380.00€
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