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Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers are special, high precision laboratory scales that allow to measure the ammount of moisture within a sample in a matter of minutes. The precision of some moisture analyzers match that of the anayltical balances. Scales with moisture analyzers consist of a high precision scales, a drying chamber and the specific programming for the scales.  Moisture analysis happens by weighing the sample, then drying it out before wighing it again. The drying of the samples is acheived via a halogen lamp. The use of a halogen lamp lets the time needed for drying, to be shortened to just a few minutes. These scales also feature a window which allows to observe the drying process while the programming keeps track of the process and the results. Just like all modern scales, the ones with moisture analyzers can be attached to a computer. When choosing a scale it is important to pay attention to paramaters such as their maximum weight limit and precision. In addition - moisture analyzers has a paramater showing the guaranteed precision of the the analysis per different weight ranges. Scales with moisture analyzers are widely used in laboratories, food manufacturing and other occupations where a laboratory needs to quickly tell the ammount of water within a sample.

Moisture analyzers: BTS110
1-2 weeks
Brand: AXIS
Technical dataModelBTS110BTS110DCapacity (Max)110gReading unit (d)10mg5mgHumidity readout precision1% (sample 0,02÷5g)0,1%(sample 5÷50g)0,01%(sample >50g)1% (sample 0,02÷2,5g)0,1%(sample 2,5÷25g)0,01%(sample >25g)Humidity measurement repeatability+/- 1% (sample 2g)+/-0,4%(sample 5g)+/- 0,5%(sa..
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Brand: Radwag
MA.X2 series is equipped with innovative system: the drying chamber can be opened and closed automatically using button or proximity sensors. Such solution allows: Maintaining moisture analyzer clean – operator does not touch moisture analyzer’s housing. Removing any shocks caused by ma..
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