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Analytical balances

An analytical balance is a type of laboratory balance characterized by a maximum accuracy of 0.001 mg. For an analytical balance, the measurement technology should be as accurate as possible, since even with such accuracy even a slight deviation from the correct measurement technology (storage of the scales, use in the sun, an unstable table or even a building oscillation) cause an error in the analytical measurement of the balance, which leads to an error in the analytical calculations. For analytical balances, I am a glass showcase that protects the weighing platform and the weighing object on it from the effects of the light flow in the room on the scales. For analytical balances, the most important metrological parameters are the maximum load (maximum load capacity), minimum load capacity, below which accuracy is not achieved. Electronic analytical balances are used in scientific laboratories in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries where high-quality analysis of various materials and substances is required. Analytical scales are also used in metrology laboratories and in the development of nanotechnology. Since the analytical balance is a very accurate and relatively fragile product, only trained personnel should work on the laboratory electronic analytical balance. When unpacking, make sure that the balance is not damaged. The original packaging of the analytical balance with additional elements must be stored and used if it is necessary to move the analytical balance to another place. It is very important to maintain the level when installing the analytical balance. The level of weights is controlled by the weight of the legs. If the analytical balance has undergone a rapid temperature change due to its transportation, it is recommended that the electronic balance remain at room temperature for at least two hours before connecting to the network. This is due to possible condensation in the body of the analytical balance. Electronic analytical balance must be heated for at least 2 hours before weighing, after a long period of shutdown, as well as the first time you turn it on. If the analytical balance does not have an internal calibration device, the analytical balance should be checked with the balance. To align the temperature in the analytical balance with the ambient temperature, the analytical balance window should be open 20-30 minutes before weighing. To exclude the possibility of electrostatic discharge, it is advisable not to use plastic and glass containers during weighing, especially if the humidity is below 30-40%. The use of cotton gloves is a must when using an analytical balance. The temperature of the weighing sample and weighing cup should be equal to room temperature. If the temperatures are different, air flow and moisture are formed. Before loading weighing materials, make sure that the analytical balance shows 0. If not, press the 'TARA' button to place the weighing samples in the center of the weighing container. SIA 'BK SYSTEMS' ( offers laboratory scales from all over the world. CORN and AXIS from Poland. Some models from CAS (South Korea), RADWAG (Poland) are also available. In particular, the company wants to highlight the production of AXIS laboratory scales, which are also sold under the brands of other world-famous companies. If the laboratory balance is intended for use in pharmaceutical laboratory laboratories, then the EU requirements must be verified. In other laboratories, a calibration certificate is usually sufficient for laboratory balances.

Brand: AXIS
Technical dataModelALN60ALN120ALN220ALZ60ALZ120ALZ220Capacity (Max)60g120g220g60g120g220gReading unit (d)0,1mgVerification unit (e)1mgTare range-60g-120g-220g-60g-120g-220gAccuracy classlWorking temperature+18÷35°CInterfacesstandard: RS232Weighing time<5sPan sizeø90mmTotal dimensions215(235 with ..
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Brand: AXIS
Technical dataModelALN60GALN120GALN220GALZ60GCapacity (Max)60g120g220g60gReading unit (d)0,1mgCalibrationexternalVerification unit (e)1mg1mg1mg-Tare range-MaxAccuracy classIWorking temperature+18÷35°CInterfacesstandard: RS232, USB, PS2, clockWeighing time<5sPan sizeø90mmTotal dimensions215(235 wi..
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