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Crane Scales

In crane scales, the object that is weighed is not placed upon a platform, but weighed after getting hanged into a hook. The crane scales differ in their maximum weighing capacity, readout and the fuctions of the remote. The scales can feature either an LED or an LCD display. Scales with an LCD display are better used outdoors, while LED display will be better seen in dark areas, such as storage rooms. It's imporant to remember that the same scale will consume more power with an LED display. It is important to know the radius of the remote. When picking a crane scale, one must pay attention to where the scale will be used. When using scales outdoors, rapidly changing temperatures should be looked out for. For example, if during cold weather the scales are brought indoors, they shouldn't be turned on right away as the condensate that has been created might damage the scales.

Brand: KERN
Single product brochureOperating manualModelWeighingrange[Max]kgReadout[d]gAmmBmmCmmDmmEmmFmmGmmListpriceexcl.of VAT EURPriceincl. VAT EURHFD 600K-1M60020019412914542138350,850,8400484HFD 1500K-1m150050019412914542138350,850,8427517HFD 3T-3M3000100019412914542138350,850,8564682HFD 6T-3M600020001941..
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Brand: KERN
Operating manualSingle product brochureModelWeighingcapacity[Max]kgRead-ability[d]gNetweightapprox.kgAmmBmmCmmDmmEmmFmmGmmListprice EURexcl.of VATPrice EURincl. VATHCD 60K-260200,9519479,397,7276,5246,52623,5177.27214.50HCD 100K-2150501,15119479,397,7276,5246,52623,5177.27214.50HCD 300K-130010094519..
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