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Hopper Scales

Hopper scales are used to get a precise ammount of an item from its container. The product is constantly located on these scales and by entering a mass, the scales let a precise mass of the product to be retreived from its container. The scales are different on each occasion, thus it is imporant to precisely define your needs. It will save a lot of costs, time and resources if our company gets involved in building the scales from the ground up. The basics of what to consider are as follows.

The weighing type:

- Level control

- Dosage of a single product, or a manufacturing of a mixture

- Weighing by decreasing weight

- Filling or dosage

Product type:

- Powder or grain

- Liquid

- Other substances

Operating conditions:

- Extreme temperatures, with or without temperature fluctuations

- Corrosive chemical substances

- ATEX zone classification, if necessary

- Vibrations (mixers etc.)

- Pressure washing

External enviorment:

- Wind

- Rain or snow

- Dust

All of these factors have a large influence upon the accuracy of the scales as well as the process of their building.

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