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Counting Scales

Counting scales are usually electronic scales with the same numbering function. The balance has one or three balance displays. If there are three displays, then one weighing display shows the weight of the product on the weighing platform, the second shows the weight of one product, the third number of products on the scale. For more convenient operation, these scales usually have a full numeric keypad. Weighing and reckoning of products usually occurs by putting a certain number of products on the platform and entering their number into the scales using the keyboard. Scales share the total weight on the weighing platform and show the weight of one product. By adding other products, the balance display shows both the weight and the total number of products located on the weighing platform. There are electronic calculating scales, which can store in the PLU / PLU codes / unit weight information, and, after weighing another time, recall data from the memory. These counting scales are widely used in warehouses with identical products, as well as, for example, in bolt shops where products are sold by quantity. When purchasing these scales, attention should be paid to the accuracy of the balance, especially if you are going to weigh small, lightweight products. The product weighing function is sometimes also available on table scales with a single display and without a full keyboard. On these scales it is not so convenient to carry out weighing with the product count, and these scales are recommended in cases where the account function is planned to be used rarely. As in all other electronic scales, in the counting scales there is also the TARA / TAPA / function, which allows you to put a container on the scales, calibrate the scales, and then pour the product into the vessel. As with all electronic scales, for calculating scales, the most important parameters are the maximum load capacity of the scales, accuracy, and platform size. If you want to use calculating scales in trade as well as scales, it must be ascertained whether this model of scales is subject to verification. Unlike trade scales, not all models of calculating scales can be verified.

Brand: KERN
ModelCXB 3K0.2CXB 6K0.5CXB 15K1CXB 30K2Weighing range361530                     Readout0,20,512Max tare weight, kg361530Power SupplyFrom power supply: voltage:220V;Working temperature range, °C0 ~ +40Display typeLiquid CrystalPlatform dimensions..
Ex Tax:206.61€
Brand: KERN
Model6K-4S10K-460K0.5D100K-3300K-3Weighting range, kg3/66/1530/6075/150150/300Readout, g0,1/0,20,1/0,20,5/11/22/5Platform size, mm230x230300x240400x300500x400650x500Power supplyFrom an outlet: voltage - 220V;From a battery: frequency 50Hz,  voltage 6V (In addition, a battery is available - work..
Ex Tax:351.24€
Scales with high accuracy and counting function.LCD display, built-in battery.3kg / 0.1gr15kg / 1 grPlatform size 250x300mm..
Ex Tax:100.00€
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