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Bench Scales

Bench scales are scales which  only display the weight, unlike the retail scales where price is shown in addition, or counting scales where the ammoun of equal details is shown. Bench scales are usually III class, because with a higher precision they would be considered a laboratory scale. When selecting a bench scale, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters - max weight (In bench scales it usually is not greater than 30kg) and the percision of the scale. The larger the max weight, the larger the indication value. For III class scales, it usually is in the following proportions - 3 kg/1g, 6kg/2g, 15kg/5g, 30kg/10g. A guaranteed percision starts from 20 values, which means that for example a 3kg scales withh have a guaranteed percision of 20g. Additionally, it is important to select the right size of the weighing platform, so that when a large product is placed on the scales, it doesn't block the display and doesn't interfere with the measurements. The weight is usually displayed only one once screen, but there are also models availabe with two screens, like CAS SW bench scale. Power can be supplied soley from the electrical grid or from a built in battery which allows for more autonomous work. It is important to choose the right protection against the enviorment too. If the enviorment isn't wet or dusty, an IP 54 grade scales can be used, but if the scales will be placed in a wet and dusty enviorment, like a manufacturing facility, it is best to choose a scale with an IP 67 class. Depending on what the scale will be used for, it should be known beforehand if the scales will require calibraton of a verification certificate. The scales can only be verified if initially they have been confirmed to be as verifiable under EU regulations by the manufacturer. If there will be a need to attach the scales to a computer - find out if the scales posess an RS output. "BK Systems" ( offers CAS (South Korea), KERN (Germany) and AXIS (Poland) brands of bench scales.

Brand: KERN
Platform scale with stainless steel display device with IP68 rating, XL display und EC type approval [M] – now also as high resolution version with high-resolution display       Installation manual - platform    Usage- & Installation manual    Si..
Ex Tax:472.73€
Platform scale IFB Platform scale IFB
1-2 weeks
Brand: KERN
Version with EC type approval [M], now also up to [Max] 600 kgModelWeighingcapacity[Max]kgReadability[d]gVerific.value[e]gMinimumload[Min]gMin. pieceweight(Normal)g/pieceWeighingplateW×D×HmmListpriceexcl.of VATPriceincl. VATPriceVerification incl. VATIFB 6K-3SM3 | 61 | 21 | 220 | 402230×230×110€318,..
Ex Tax:318.18€
Brand: KERN
Allround platform scale with a wide range of communication options and EC type approval [M]Single product brochure      Operating instructions    Supplementary instructions     Dimensional drawingModelWeighingcapacity[Max]kgRead-ability[d]gVerific.v..
Ex Tax:290.91€
Brand: KERN
Simple and convenient 2-key operationTare function facilitates formulation workParticularly flat designReady for use: Batteries includedRing-shaped draught shield standard, only for models with weighing plate size , weighing space Ø×H 96×35 mmHook for underfloor weighing standard ..
Ex Tax:65.00€
Brand: KERN
TypeVersionLanguagesOperating instructionsSingle product brochureHigh mobility: thanks to battery operation (optional) and compact, flat construction, it is suitable for use in several locations (laboratory, quality control, commissioning etc.)Platform: Weighing plate stainless steel, painted steel ..
Ex Tax:241.17€
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