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Steel platform truck scales

The (SIA "BK Systems") offers metal platform truck scales. Truck scales consist of metal platform modules thus depending on the number of modules, the weighbridge of the truck scale may be 6, 12, 18 or 24 m long. The structure of the offered truck scale platform allows using the solution in ground level scales as well as in truck scales with ramps. After welding, truck scale platforms at the factory are processed with metal pellets followed by priming and painting. Platform galvanising may be performed at the factory if ordered so. Surface of the truck scale is covered with grooved steel sheets providing a good anti-slippery surface for vehicle wheels. Height of the truck scale is around 400 m from the foundation. In order to ensure safe access onto the truck scale platform located above ground, ramps must be at least 4 - 5 m long. The recommended ramp access inclination shall not exceed 7%. Thus upon selecting the location for the set-up of the truck scale, one must consider the length of the scale + the length of two ramps, in the meantime there must be sufficient area for the vehicle with a trailer to drive onto the scale and drive off it without having to turn. If the area intended for the set-up of the scale is not even and it is slopping - length of the ramps at similar access inclination may differ. The selected area for the set-up of the scale must be checked in a topographic map and it must be ensured that the construction of the foundation is not disrupted by electric supply, alarm cables or water or sewage utility elements. If the structure of metal platform truck scale is placed at a ground level, it is safer against freezing of the platform during Winter than concrete truck scale platform. If the truck scale is placed at a ground level, the opening between the foundation and the platform is protected by a special T-profile rubber lining. This rubber lining is placed in the opening between the truck scale platform and the foundation of the truck scale along the entire perimeter of the platform. Metal platform truck scales may be equipped with analogue or digital load cell .The specialists at the (SIA "BK Systems") shall gladly consult on the benefits and drawback of each strain gauge type as well as the suitability of the same to the specific site.