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Reinforced concrete platform truck scale

The reinforced concrete platform of the scales is manufactured at the plant using specially prepared concrete, which provides reinforced concrete scales with sufficient resistance to dynamic loads and a long service life. The scales are delivered to the installation site by special transport. Scales can be installed both at the ground level, and at the ground level. On reinforced concrete truck scales, you can use both analog and digital sensors of truck scales. The auto balance indicator closes with the computer, which allows you to use both a system for automating the flow of vehicles and a computer program for recording the operation of auto scales. In the manufacture of a platform, the truck scale can be created according to specific customer requirements.

Truck scales, which have a reinforced concrete platform-brigde.Platform lenngth 12 m. Max weight, 60t with a reinforced concrete platform. Scales can be outfitted with analog or digital tensometric sensors. Truck scale platform has been manufactured in a factory and is delivered via a special transp..
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