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Axis scales

Axle scales is a popular type of vehicle weighing solution. Axle scales may be either stationary or mobile. Mobile scales often include a platform that is located under every wheel. These scales have access ramps enabling an easier access on the platform with each wheel. By adding up the weighing values of each vehicle's wheel or axle, the total weight of the vehicle is obtained. It will be accurate, if the weighing platform is on a ground level or if all wheels of the vehicle are placed on weight platforms immediately. Depending on the weighing technology, vehicle axle scales may be either automatic - weighing vehicles in motion, or manual - the vehicle must stop atop the scales and then the weighing procedure is initiated. The total weight of the vehicle is calculated by the truck scale by automatically adding up the weights from all axles. In order to determine the weight of the freight, the procedure is similar to the platform weighbridge - the vehicle must be first weighed when empty and then with the freight. Difference between the two values shall be the weight of the freight. Axle scales are equipped with a printer which prints out a receipt indicating the load of each axle or wheel as well as the total weight of the vehicle. Axle truck scale that weigh vehicles in motion are often not as precise as the scales that weigh vehicles when they stop atop the scales. In order for the weight measurement to be correct, the speed of the vehicle while passing the axle scales may not exceed 5k km/h. Axle scales that weigh vehicles in motion are stationary scales set up in a specifically prepared locations. SIA "BK systems" ( offer axle vehicle scales both for weighing stationary vehicles as well as for vehicles in motion.

Brand: Dini Argeo
Wireless pads designed for creating wheel and axle vehicle weighing stations, avoiding the hassle of connecting cables between the pads and the indicator. Pads designed for creating weighing stations for large vehicles (vans, trucks, tankers, tractor-trailers, etc.); particularly accurate and sturdy..
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Axis scales for stationary and dynamic (on the move) weighing of trucks. Truck speed while weighing dynamically - 5kmph..
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Brand: Dini Argeo
pecific kit for manual static axle weighing, consisting of two portable pads and the weight indicator and printer. The receipt printer reports all the weigh data in order to make the subsequent registration and traceability easier.CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PLATFORMSSturdy structure, made of special alu..
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Mobile axis scales are usually used for the control of workload of tuck axis. Axis scales can also be used to measure the weight of the truck. In that case, one needs to stop atop of the scales with every axis and then sum up the measurements. This can be done on an indicator and get a print-out of ..
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Stationary axis scales are used in places where the flow of transport is small. This is because the weighing time is longer than on regular platform scales. Each axis of the car is driven onto the static scales individually, and the total sum of the axis weight is also the total weight of the car. T..
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