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Scales and weighting systems for professionals. For those, who study, process, transport and sell. For all professionals who need to precisely know the amount of milligrams and tens of tons weighing against the scale platform. We are ready to design and manufacture unique weight measurement solutions tailored around your needs as well as offer you popular and widely demanded scale models from our shop's warehouse. It might be that what you are looking for what may be found in the scale product catalogues of one of our partners - we shall shall deliver the scales or scale components to order as soon as possible.


We offer products from various companies around the world:

  • "Precia Molen" (France) - One of the leading industrial scale manufacturer in the world. General speciality – continuous weighing and dosing.
  • "Laumas Elettronika" (Italy) - Manufacturer of industrial weighing system components - load cells and their accessories, indicators and transmitters. Speciality - dosing and automation unit components and units.
  • "KERN” (Germany) - The widest range of various scales in the offer of "KERN"
  • "AXIS” (Poland) - High quality scales at reasonable prices. Value for money is what best describes the laboratory scales of "AXIS", and it is also the leader in sales of moisture moisture analyzers.
  • "CAS” (South Korea) - Well known retail and floor scales in Latvia.
  • "Utilcell” (Spain) - Value for money best describes the load cell offered by "Utilcell".
  • "Flintec" (Germany) - Load cells and indicator manufacturer. 
  • "Zemic” un "Keli" (China) - Qualitative and relatively cheaper products -  load cell and indicators products offered by this Chinese company are certified in Europe. 
  • "Yoahua" (China) - Budget class scale indicators. 
  • "Leon Engenering" (Greece) - Produces weighbridges and axle scales.
  • "RADWAG" (Poland) - Offers a wide range of laboratory scales and platform scales wit

Platform scales
We offer floor platform scales produced by various companies, as well we manufacture scales ourselves tailored to your order - both for work with heavy freights and various manufacturing plants. This also includes stainless steel, moisture resistant scales for food processing industry. We equip locally manufactured platform scales with electronics of the leading European companies - and make a product accustomed specially to your needs.

When ordering platform scales  , one must consider such parameters as the size of the weighbridge, lifting capacity, accuracy, material, load cell material and protection against moisture.The type and paramaters of the indicator - with our without an accumulator, whether a double step is necessary, LCD or LED display, necessary outputs and additional functions for the indicator. Also whether such additional options as stands, ramps and printers are necessary. How long and how well protected is the wire leading from the scale to the indicator. Whether verification or calibration certificate is required. The specialists at SIA "BK SYSTEMS" shall assist you in finding answers to all of these questions.

Truck scale
We offer various truck scales. Truck scales can be assembled from platforms and electronic components that are most suitable to you. We perform construction of the scale foundation as well as scale assembly and regulation works. Our programmers upon necessity shall modify any of the existing truck scale operation reporting software in line with your business requirements.

Weighing software

The engineers and programmers at SIA "BK SYSTEMS" ( have created a variety of weighing system solutions by the order of customers - and they are always ready to take on new challenges.

The service department of our store provides scale modernisation, repair and maintenance services, both at the place of business of our customer as well as at our workshop. In cooperation with the metrology laboratories of Latvia, we offer scale verification and calibration services. We conclude regular scale service agreements and take good care of the scales at your company.

You are welcome to visit us in our offices on Unijas street 6 in Riga. Our website lists only some of the scales in our range. Please tell us your weighing equipment needs and we shall find the most appropriate solution together. 

Scale design and manufacturing

It may be that your needs are unique and mass-produced scales do not fit you for one reason or the other. We can produce a weighing system accustomed specifically to your needs. It can be some special shaped weighing platform or a peculiar wrapping system. It may be a testing unit for strap severance or a suspension repair unit. It is possible that you require stickers displaying the weight, a software that will permit you to operate in a unified system with scanners, printers, identifiers, surveillance cameras, traffic lights, pneumatic cylinders, automatic barriers or any other operational mechanisms. It is possible that your facility has an explosive hazard and thus you require electronics with ATEX certificate. It may be that you wish that the software would operate as a WEB application so you could follow the business processes from anywhere in the world just by entering a password. All of the above is possible - we shall hear out your needs and offer you a variety of solutions.