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2-30 days

Scale rent price EUR per day




4.00 €

1 day

2-30 days

Scale rental price in EUR per day



Ensurance money - 40 EUR

5.00 €

1 day

2-5 days

20 kg weights rent price EUR per day




6.00 €
  1 day 2-5 days
Scale rent price EUR per day 10 8

Platform scales 510x1100mm Weight capacity 300 kg.

8.00 €
  1 day 2-5 days
Scale rent price EUR per day 25 20


20.00 €

1 diena

2-30 dienas

Svaru nomas cena EUR par dienu



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50.00 €

Scale and Weight Rentals

Our company offers scales and weights for rent. It is a possible solution if a scale is not required regurarly, but perhaps only once every few months. This can be the case if for example, you require scales for weighing packaging for the nature resource tax. Verified scales can be rather expensive, but renting them will be a lot cheaper.

The rental of beam scales is very popular. They are very mobile and can be easily carried or moved inside a car. It is also possible to rent 20kg weights up to an ammount that equals 4 tonnes. This can be useful, for example to check different lifting equipment. You can find out more about other rental options by calling, or by writing to info@svaruveikals.lv